How to be a great painter?

Children who draw from an early age, and who show advanced abilities for their young age, will be nicknamed – literally Leonardo D. Vinci, Van Gogh and many other names of great and talented painters of the past.

The greatest painters of all time served most of the financially capable – royalty, counties and more. The main role of the artists was to perpetuate the rich in moments that looked like leaning against a sunflower field, a pensive look like a wafer hanging over them, and a host of poses pointing solely to status.

Artists who wanted to draw beyond that had to find the time to invest in other works, and to finance it themselves. Their mother without a patron was usually poor, with no means of buying a canvas to paint on
and have qzz in your life.

But today we can easily find work and finance our love for painting.

While it is sometimes impossible to make a living from painting, some artists are fortunate that this is their way of making a living by honoring their works on canvas, wood, walls and more.

 Many galleries give many painters the opportunity to be exposed and professionally presented to the general public. There are artists presenting their works in their private home. This sometimes limits the exhibition space, and it is not always pleasant to enter private homes and be impressed with their works. Feeling when you come to the gallery already a cultural atmosphere, we absorb better art once we are in the gallery.

Many painters need the gallery services scattered throughout the country. Because many artists cannot display their works on the street, and want to be treated with respect for the works that they have created with all their love for painting, they prefer to find professional galleries, with proper lighting, and maintain the exhibition during the works.

Line and line and line – and then artwork –

Sometimes there seems to be no guideline about what art is and how artwork should be defined. Most decisions are temporarily popular and based on this popularity other works are judged. Even those who are told that his works are not quality, there is a situation where things will turn around and one day he will be appreciated for what he hoped to receive in the art field. It’s almost a matter of thought fashion.

Art is a collection of painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic artists and endless occupations dealing with art. It’s hard to put your finger on what art is, and who it is that is sharply and clearly about it.

Gentlemen, art. Culture’s way of reaching the mind, the heart, all the senses that exist and exist in us as human beings. We create art and we admire art. There are people who spend a whole lifetime creating one art, and there are artists who replace, create and touch a variety of art fields to enrich their cultural and artistic worlds alike.