The nfluence of music on our life

The nfluence of music on our life

When a composer sits down to write music for a picture he gets into the painter’s shoes a bit.

The task before him is to paint the canvas (in our case the film / series) – on which the outline of the painting is drawn – in colors that will enliven the picture and make it “breathe”.

The musical painter (or painter) painter’s tools consist of the materials I mentioned in the title: musical moves, melodic musical colors and emotions.

In this article I will try to explain a little about each of them:

A musical move is a timeline where there is a middle and end start between which musical development. It is usually accompanied by a dramatic sequence in which the dynamic occurs and contains different emotions and events.

I will try to give an example from my professional experience: A few years ago, I composed music song for the show of the four magnifients in Turine, Itraly. The camera “accompanies” the band all over the show, which mostly is done without sound (just mimicing movement). Excellent Work!

This is a super dramatic scene where the tension is built on the viewer from the first moment to the climax – the failure of the operation – through the transition to the next scene where we see
in many songs- its just a regular pattern that repeats itself. You can find songs and music – and if youre looking for sometjhing that is high quality you buy soundcloud plays on the internet.

Once the music is added (co-written perfectly to what is happening on screen) the sense of drama intensifies and the viewer is sucked into the situation – despite the fact that it is a reconstruction rather than an authentic photograph. I will try to describe the musical move in words:

The music sneaks in at first, creating a feeling of unease for the future to come. Wounded all the time, until finally the music reaches a musical climax just before the patient’s heart is still, and still with him.

As parents, we want to expose our child to the music-listening experience in the room. Nowadays their music is heard through the headphones, or on a Krauka speaker designed as a Krauka speaker rather than a HI-FI quality audio speaker. The headphones disconnect them completely from the environment and the karaoke speaker, since it was not designed as an audio speaker, accustomed them to inaccurate hearing and makes the environment unpleasant noise.

And the solution, really close and cheap. Recently multimedia speakers 2.1 have been developed that have no high internal amplification. However, high quality and compact. And add a bluetooth transmitter to speakers that can record the music wirelessly.

This solution enables hearing of music that the child loves in the room, and does not disconnect it from the environment, and certainly sound quality.


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