Importance of Technology in Communication

Importance of Technology in Communication

What is the importance of technology in communication?

Technological advancement has had a significant effect in communication since various inventions began. Due to the evolving technology, the ways and means of communication have until now transformed greatly. With the modern technology it is almost difficult to trace the former means of communication. The technological inventions such as mobile phones have changed the way people communicate. Looking at this, technology has essentially improved the speed of communication while making it more cost effective and enhancing its availability. The great revolution in communication has been noted from the radio, telephone, television and now the internet.

The effect of technology on communication has given individuals freedom of accessing information. This has been made possible by the broadcasts on TVs and internet advertisement. Through the readily available information, knowledge has been enhanced and people’s awareness expanded. Modern technology has enabled the miniaturization in electronics world. This has transformed the previously large gadgets now portable. Example is where one can comfortably carry a computer around as a laptop or tablet or a cell phone application. Daily life has therefore become more convenient by continued communication thanks to technology. Due to this portability of communication equipment, physical location is not a big issue.

Discovery of the Internet takes the center stage in discussing the importance of technology in communication. The internet has enabled teleconferencing. A teleconference saves time and money that could be spent in travelling to a conference. This is a powerful tool especially for businesspersons who have to keep their firms running as they attend an international meeting. Internet has powerfully portrayed the importance of technology in communication by bringing together persons in different nations to a single platform. The conferences are either live video or audio.

Internet has enabled email services and also live chatting. These technology tools have made communication speedy and less costly. Compared to traditional ways, the modern technology enhanced communication enables instant information transfer even to persons who are several miles away. This importance of technology in communication can be stated as redefining oral communication. This is because face to face communication is not only for people close together but now also involve live talks online through platforms like Skype. An electronic mail is a cheap way of sending and receiving information and notifications. The use of email services has reduced the traffic of messengers to and from offices.

Another significant importance of technology in communication is increased operation hours. Email services are on twenty four hours a day and every day. This means that information can be passed at any time and not necessarily office during hours. Similarly cell phone message services can be used at any time. This means that people can be alerted and made aware of situation more conveniently. For businesses this helps in improving work efficiency and saving time. Since one message can be sent to many people at once, time is greatly saved.

Importance of technology in communication is also seen by the effect on mass communication. These days we rarely call gatherings to deliver public information. Technology has brought about electronic bill boards for an easy display. The bill boards are conspicuous and relay the message for longer hours. Advanced modern technology has also allowed the production of cheap items. Televisions and radios are now affordable for almost everyone. Thus a broadcast reaches very many people at a time.

Technology has also resulted to powerful public address systems. This is key importance of technology in communication. Those addressing rallies or giving public speeches during functions now can do so without much straggles. The information will be laid out clear through the speakers and everyone goes away satisfied. Thanks to the invention of more powerful sound mixers and microphones.

The invention of the wireless systems is another importance of technology in communication. The wireless systems allow flexibility in communication. Example is the mobile phone which one can use anywhere. This is opposed to the wired telephone which has to be in the office or in the house. Other wireless system like WiFi has made internet availability flexible.

Technology and communication goes hand in hand. As technology advance more improvements to communication are expected to more convenient, faster and cost effective means

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