How to handle Seborrhea?

How to handle Seborrhea?

Seborrhea – Appearance of whiteheads which is a skin infection problem which is the main cause interference aesthetic appearance, as well as a sense of suffering and discomfort in the skin. The prevalence is about

Seborrhea – Appearance of whiteheads which is a skin infection problem which is the main cause interference aesthetic appearance, as well as a sense of suffering and discomfort in the skin. The prevalence is about 15% of the population when at 5% is shown in her grave.

The exact causes of this common problem are not clear yet, but many factors increase the chances of contracting it or aggravate the symptoms. Including: hereditary genetics, stress, food allergy, certain medications, and who attribute the worsening weather changes and the season of transition.

Seborrhea face reflected chronic inflammation in the skin in areas where there are many sebaceous glands. And causes scaly, redness, pimples, skin peeling and sometimes even a sense of irritation and itching. Latin meaning of the word seborrhea is “milk flow” Indeed, the inflammation is caused by a problem mammary glands. (Fat-dandruff seborrhea or seborrheic oily, dry – dry dandruff) symptoms appear mostly on the face: chin, corners of the nose, eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, forehead, scalp, outer part of the ear, and other areas in the folds of the skin.

It occurs even among infants under one year, usually on the scalp, but this condition usually passes at age 10-12 months and does not require treatment. The problem is more common in adolescent and older ages, and many times it occurs in combination with acne, zits.

What causes seborrhea?

One of the identified cause of the problem is the type of Shemer (fungus) called “Malaysia Fitirosforom Obela”, it was revealed that Mr. mammary glands of people with seborrhea. It is not known how exactly causes yeast infection, but it seems that this is a skin infection caused by him and combined with the poor response of the immune system on it and on Tola Vintage.

Studies also found a link between seborrheic shortage Bbiotin- (another name for coenzyme R) form of vitamin its vital role in the activities of many enzymes. Biotin deficiency can cause seborrhea or seborrheic-like appearance of the skin lesions. A balanced diet usually provides the necessary quantities of biotin. Can be found in food sources of biotin in the liver, nuts, beans, egg yolk, cauliflower, peas, lentils, soybeans, rice, tomatoes and royal jelly.

Treatment of seborrhea.

Medications prescribed to cure seborrhea including antifungals, cortisone-based creams (steroids) or antibiotics. That can be used to treat short-term, prolonged use of them may hurt the local immune system and thus speed up the deterioration of the situation.

It is important to address the issue as soon as possible because seborrhea have a tendency to spread and Lhhmir.- phototherapy IPL technology – a ray of light – a novel treatment for acne acne and seborrhea face, adolescents and adults prevents the need to use medication Roaccutane and Antibiotics – Minocycline and without side effects.

Device-winning international safety approvals: approved by FDA US Department of Health, Ministry of Health of the European CE BSI British Standards Institute and the Israel Standards Institute. The technology is not only effective in destroying bacteria but also in balancing sebum production (fat) glands, causing scaly, itching and tingling fatty accompanying seborrhea inside.

Hygiene is one of the important ways of dealing with seborrhea and removal of fatty deposits in the affected area.

Daily with soothing preparations with a light texture on a naval base, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal prevent the development of bacteria and strengthen skin natural defense mechanism. Plus a fatty acid gamma linolenic omega-6, known for its relieve inflammation and an important tool for maintaining healthy skin and its moisture level. Preventing infections and balances the mammary secretions, improves skin texture helps clean, antiseptic and stimulating blood, shrink pores and absorption of fats and discharge, preventing dryness and peeling scales fusion and healing acne and relaxation and balance sebum secretion. The most effective products for the treatment of genuine and long-term seborrhea.

Preparations available in the treatment of seborrhea, are the finest professional labs in the country and high quality. Contain sunscreens made especially for the Israeli climate hypoallergenic and approved by the Ministry of Health provide a comprehensive and true healing and long-term seborrhea.

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