How to grow taller ?

How to grow taller ?

Being a quantitative trait, height in human is determined by several factors but to a larger percentage the genetic orientation of a person. However, before one reaches adulthood he can influence his height through a number of practices as discussed herein. Only natural height enhancing factors are discussed as opposed to height enhancing supplements that possess side effects to the body.

A lot of exercising help young teenagers grow tall. This comes in a variety of ways; cycling, playing ball games, participating in athletics and swimming among others. The argument behind this point is that exercising keep the body cells active while at the same time inducing growth hormones in the body. Exercises such as toe touching to a greater extend help in stretching the spine.

Practicing such for long periods works in the same principle of a stretched rubber band which tend to elongate after subjecting it to the stretching pressure repeatedly. An elongated spine is an automatic increase in a few inches in height if the exercise is repeated frequently.

Whereas health experts argue that getting enough of sleep is healthy for any person, the word ‘enough’ is relative. Teens need up to eight hours of sleep and this is actually the period where one can influence his height naturally. Adequate sleep enables the body to get into the phase of deep sleep enabling the body to regenerate tissues thus inducing growth.

Eating balanced diet enables the body to get a constant supply of nutrients which are needed in body development. For instance, vitamin c and calcium are needed for healthy and strong bone development. This point dictates that one should avoid taking more of processed food as it would not be wrong to term them as ‘junk food’ and contain less of the necessary nutrients. it is advisory to take more of fruits, greens, cereals, poultry and dairy products. Well, the list could be long but sticking to proper eating habits is essential to growing tall.

Practicing proper sitting posture. the spinal cord needs to be straight and positions that compromise this means that growth in height is compromised. Scientists argue that getting used to a straight posture between the thorax and the neck tend to straighten the spine bringing out the true height of an individual.

Avoiding stunted-growth inducing factors is also prudent to growing tall. These factors can affect growth directly or indirectly. You have probably heard in a biology class or at clinics where pregnant women are advised to stay out of smoking. This is because children exposed to cigarette smoke tend to grow shorter than their healthy peers. The nicotine present in cigarette smoke induces stunted growth. The use of drugs such as marijuana and lot of caffeine inhibits one from getting into the slow wave cycle in sleep(deep sleep) therefore discouraging growth.

Though indirectly, taking plenty of water assist in gaining height. Water is essential for body metabolic process to take place. These enzyme-catalysed reactions allow growth to take place and water is thus necessary to facilitate absorption of minerals, proteins and vitamins resulting from these process. Water also help in cutting down on dehydration which would otherwise result in loss of minerals that would otherwise be needed for growth.

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