How to get rid of pimples quickly?

How to get rid of pimples quickly?

Pimples can be described as skin aggravations that result from contamination of the skin’s sebaceous glands. The contaminated area then swells up to accord the skin an otherwise abnormal appearance. Pimples can be annoying and discomforting to the affected individual and at times, they might even lower your self-esteem. The good news is that there are indeed effective ways of quickly getting rid of pimples and this article will explain five of the most effective ways of ridding yourself of these uncomfortable and annoying skins aggravations.

The first remedy for getting rid of pimples is lemon juice. Lemons juice acts as a drying agent that facilitates the drying of the pimple. Lemon juice can be easily applied to the affected skin area using a clean piece of cotton swab and allowed to stay over the affected skin area overnight.

In addition to lemon juice, another effective pimple riddance substance is toothpaste. Most people might not really know this but toothpaste can offer effective relief from pimples and all that one needs to do is to apply toothpaste over the affected skin area and allow it to stay overnight. You can also do this during the day in case you plan on staying indoors.

The third readily available solution for getting rid of pimples is honey. Honey offers one of the fastest solutions for getting rid of pimples once it has been applied on the aggravated skin area. Simply apply some honey on the pimpled skin surface and leave it to stay for around thirty minutes before washing and rinsing off your skin.

The fourth quick solution for getting rid of pimples is by applying a solution of baking soda on the affected skin area. Baking soda offers an aggressive but effective solution to skin pimples by facilitating the skin to peel thereby evacuating the skin aggravations. It is important to ensure that are able to correctly prepare the baking soda solution and this will involve making a blended solution of one teaspoon of baking soda with some little water to form a paste-like solution. Apply this solution over the affected area and leave it for one to two hours before washing and rinsing your skin.

The fifth way of quickly getting rid of pimples is by use of heated steam. Just like baking soda, steam offers a quick pimple riddance solution that involves opening up the affected skin area and allowing the accumulated subcutaneous oil, dirt and other material to exit the skin thereby leaving

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