Having an irregular menstrual period

Having an irregular menstrual period

This irregular menstruation cycle appears every month at a different time. You can not know for sure when it will be. This is a very common situation: Today, every fifth woman suffering from irregular cycle. Cycle disorders can be temporary or long. It is very important to treat the problem as quickly as possible. To treat her right, there diagnose the cause of the problem.

What is this norm?

– Frequency of menstruation. Regulator should be every month. Absence of menses for more than three months in a woman of childbearing age is not pregnant, could be a sign of disease or ovarian cyst in the womb, an overactive thyroid gland, and more.
– The length of the cycle. Cycle lasts 21-35 days is the norm. If the cycle is shorter than 20 days, it is a state of Polimnuriah, if more than 35-40 days – a state of Aoligominuriah.
– Duration of menstrual days: between two and seven days. If menstruation lasts longer, has to be examined by a gynecologist, because it can indicate cysts or tumors of various types.
– Suffering paralyzes life, pain, indigestion, fluid retention, cognitive dysfunction, appetite disorders, emotional imbalance of any kind – all of these disorders and other disorders different levels are abnormal. They testify to the existence of pre–Syndrome PMS (PMS), it is possible and advisable to treat. In any case, to clarify and make sure it is pre–Syndrome PMS and other conditions. For example, stomach bloating can be caused by gas or fluid buildup related to hormonal imbalance, but can also be the result of benign or cancerous uterus!
– Bleeding. Bleeding should be harder in the beginning and gradually decrease. Heavy bleeding can indicate a lack of ovulation.

Reasons for irregular menstrual cycle:

– Irregular ovulation
– Birth control pills are taken over time can cause irregular menstrual cycle for a specific period of time or permanently, and the lack of general circulation. Pill makes synthetic, artificial and not ovulate and therefore affect the lining of the uterus.
– Menopause
– Instability in the female system for girls. Shortly after the beginning of the cycle This is normal.
– Structural problem in female
– A genetic (inherited)
– Poor nutrition
– Obesity
– Psychological reasons: stress, increased stress, emotional trauma, frequent changes of joy and anxiety, shock, depression, etc.
– Excessive sporting activities, excessive physical exertion
– Faulty lifestyle
– Hormone therapy
– Gynecological diseases (such as ovarian cysts, Fibromiumh, endometriosis, polyps, inflammation, cervical injury, illness Oncology)
– Hormonal diseases (such as problems in the ovaries, the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid)
– Inadequate treatment of various diseases
– Environmental and ecological reasons different (radiation, chemicals, climate change, time change, etc.)
– Smoking
– Underweight
– Quick Weight Loss
– Drugs, some drugs
– Serious illness
– Certain medical treatments (eg, chemotherapy)
– Intestinal infections
– Excessive use of the Cafe
– The use of certain mechanical contraception
– Alcohol
– Certain diseases, for example, liver diseases, blood diseases, diabetes
– Abortion
– Gynecological surgeries
– Traumatic brain
– Brain Tumors

All these reasons make one way or another hormonal imbalance different levels of difficulty.

Sometimes all tests normal and do not reflect the state of a hormonal imbalance in the woman.

Irregular menstruation can make it difficult to agree on pregnancy and abortion be a risk factor. It is also important to understand that any irregularity in the female system affects the overall health of the woman, the overall sense and quality of life, not just a function of her sex!

To address this important issue:

– Stop smoking, consumed drugs, alcohol, coffee, cola will your period come sooner
– Maintain a proper diet and healthy lifestyle
– In some cases, have to do cleaning or cleansing of the body and certain organs or body systems in certain
– Find a reason to irregularities in menstruation and to treat it: treat the disease / infection, hormonal status check and treat it if necessary, remove polyps / Fibromot,
– Because there is an effect of the moon on a woman’s cycle (normal mode regulator is scheduled to begin on Rosh Chodesh or Beto per month), you may want to sleep without the shutter curtains open, to allow the moonlight to enter the bedroom. This is true in the case and no street lamps light penetrating the window. If so, it will not help and can disrupt the cycle further. Disorders can affect the ease with night light: there sleep with the windows closed and the first three days of menstruation sleep with a night light (15 W) on.
– Learn a method to reduce stress and use it every time there’s a need!
– Drink 10-12 glasses of fluid a day, preferably water.
– Swim.
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