Creating Websites: Design and Programming

Many companies today are involved in the creation of websites and fight for the right to build a website for you. Web site development requires web programming and web design. Not necessarily in that order.

Programmers and designers are both web design professionals, but here they basically run out of things, since designers came thousands of years ago from Venus and programmers landed on Earth straight from March. And so, to this day, they do not understand each other, but because they have forgotten that they are different races from other stars, they do not understand why they do not understand each other, and forever they are condemned to live in basic misunderstanding and correlation, side by side, in the creation of websites.

Back to our cause – what is the process of web design? How they are created The web design workflow includes sketch design for the client through Photoshop. Once the client approves (not before he drives the designer crazy and makes him death), the sketch moves to the programming section, where the programmer works for hours on end and makes it a living and existing site.

Everything is good and beautiful, and up to now things are calm and comfortable in the business of building a website, until the designer first sees the site, which comes out hot and fresh from the programming department. He looks at the site. Looking at the sketch, and looking at the site, not realizing what their relationship is.

Even the nicest designer in the web design industry with the most calm, kind and serene temperament turns into an angry monster and resists when he discovers that his sketch has been unintentionally altered by the programmer.

However, the programmer, who works alongside the grumpy designer at the same web design company, doesn’t understand what Big Deal is. So what does it matter if the whole site tends a little (a little) left rather than being centered? And then what without noticing all the site width was reduced by half in the programming phase? Small differences. But the designer’s evergreen face officially symbolizes the red flag. From here, get to the point of no return, where the designer thinks the designer is crazy. How else can he explain that he is tearing down the computer’s cables and threatening to strangle the programmer as he jumps furiously up and down and kicks the walls?

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