5 Keys for Health

5 Keys for Health

Health, happiness and success Where do they come from outside or from within?

Who among us does not know the feeling of the end of the day when you are already tired of the painful drained and just want to get home, sit in front of the TV or go to bed? … You probably tell yourself that this is how it should be. But no, it’s possible otherwise.
In recent years, more and more studies have shown that in order to keep ourselves healthy, functioning and therefore happier, happier and more successful in every field we must work on it. The work is actually about ourselves, and not with the help of invasive external intervention, but with the treatments that allow our bodies and minds to express our self-healing ability in the best possible way.

Situations of overload at work, at home and outdoors combined with physical inactivity, poor nutrition and high mental stress are gnawing on our health and quality of life. The philosophical concept behind chiropractic holds that happiness and full functioning come from within.

5 conditions for maximum health
1. Nervous system that functions without interruption.
2. Proper and appropriate nutrition.
3. Controlled Exercise.
4. Sufficient rest.
5. Positive attitude to life and high self-awareness.

A healthy nervous system

Our bodies are made up of different and complex systems. The brain and nervous system control and coordinate the activity of all systems in the body. In order to enable full functioning and maximum health we need a free transfer of instructions and commands from the brain to every part of the body.
In order to allow free passage of the commands, all spinal vertebrae must be in place and not create pressure on the spine and nerve roots that pass between the vertebrae.
When a vertebra deviates and causes pressure on the nerve, it affects the nerve itself and the area of ​​the body it is responsible for. From this, the process of deterioration begins and the dysfunction of that part of the body is created. Damage and illness then begin, followed by pain.
The Dubai Chiropractor locates the vertebra that has deviated and returns it to place with a gentle manual technique that has been taught for years, allowing the body’s systems to function properly and recover from the inside.


Many talk about the positive impact of regular physical activity on health, to consistent physical activity performed several times a week over time with great disease prevention benefits. Appropriate activity can prevent heart attacks. Protecting against heart attacks is just one of the benefits we can benefit from. The higher the dose of physical activity, the greater the degree of disease protection.
Don’t you look at it – exercise only has its advantages, of course not when it is done with exaggeration and inappropriate form.

Good nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential to maintaining good health and maintaining quality of life at any age.
Many of the diseases that erupt in old age are affected by wrong habits at a younger age.
For example, physical inactivity and low calcium intake during childhood and adolescence significantly increase the risk of osteoporosis – a disease that causes bones to become thin and weak and the risk of fractures resulting from it.
Other diseases that are common in old age are obesity, hypertension, certain types of cancer, digestive problems and malnutrition.
Eating right at this age can reduce the incidence of illnesses, reduce their effects and improve quality of life. Improper eating, on the other hand, can extend the duration of recovery from acute illnesses and impair the quality of life.

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